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What if you had a low-cost, unbiased Customer Review Platform NOT controlled by Google that was fair - equally focused on both your business and your customers. A place where:

  • Your website displays an A+ grade immediately while you build reviews (conditions apply)
  • You control displayed reviews, not Google or their questionable algorithms
  • You can turn negative reviews to positive ones within seconds

And you can:

  • Flag inaccurate or misleading reviews immediately (without Google's restrictions)
  • Get instant notifications of negative reviews to address customer concerns quickly
  • Automatically filter out reviews containing profanity and spam
  • Pin and highlight your best reviews

With a fast and easy setup and prices a fraction of our competitors', your website can start collecting reviews and get your A+ grade for your business today!

Welcome to TrustGrade; your Customer Review Platform to establish trust, control reviews, and make more sales!

Why Use TrustGrade As Your
Customer Review Platform?

Reason 1:
Establish Trust - Get Your Website's A+ Grade and 5-Stars Today!

And Make More Sales!

As a business owner, you want to get attention, build trust, and make the sale. Initially, you'll get an instant A+ Grade and 5-Star rating that you can proudly display on your website's home page, on your check-out page, in your marketing materials, and even next to your email signature, while you build reviews.

After 90 days or 25 customer reviews, whichever comes first, your star rating and grade with be updated based upon your accumulated customer reviews (see reason 8 for details) and, thereafter, your rating and grade will be calculated every hour, 24/7.

In addition to your grade, customers will also look to your TrustGrade reviews to establish trust. A recent research study conducted by Zhong-Gang revealed 93% of consumers say that online reviews will affect their shopping choices. A consumer's decision to buy is a sub-conscious one that is primarily based on trust.

TrustGrade establishes trust for your business better than any other platform by providing your audience with both a Website Grade and Customer Reviews.


Reason 2:
Remarkably Low Pricing!

Go ahead and check out our competitors like TrustPilot and others. You'll discover that their pricing is up to hundreds of dollars a month more, while ours starts at just $39.95/month. Unlike our competitors, who are bound by their affiliation and agreements with Google, we are able to take advantage of efficiencies in the marketplace.

We operate a simple, easy-to-use, and business-friendly customer review software platform that was developed by an INC. 500 Founder and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate. Our low pricing model provides our customers with over an 80% Savings compared to our largest competitor. TrustGrade is fast, easy, and affordable - register now and get your A+ today!

Trustpilot Site Jabber
Starting Monthly Subscription Price $39.95
$900 (and up)
$600 (and up)
A+ Grading System no no
Instantly Flag False Reviews
no no
(Flagged Reviews require manual approval)
NOT Google Affiliated Bad Reviews are Submitted to Google for Publication
Profanity Filter (optional) no no
Review Highlighting (optional) no no
Instant Text Alerts (optional) no no
Only Verified Customers no no

Reason 3:
You Control Reviews -
Not Google!

Showcase Your BEST Reviews

TrustGrade BLOCKS Google and other search engines from seeing or collecting TrustGrade Reviews!

Have you seen your company show up in Google search engine results with a negative review attached to it on your profile page? This can be devasting, especially after receiving so many positive 5-Star reviews. Because we're not Google affiliated, we are able to block Google and other search engines from seeing or collecting TrustGrade reviews to protect against bias and negative reviews being displayed when consumers conduct searches.

Our fully transparent system allows YOU to select and automatically showcase your best reviews - anywhere you like on your website (and as much as you like; on your home page, check-out page, about us page, etc.). Plus, with your "pin" and "highlight" options, you can pin your best reviews and highlight the best parts of your reviews - just as if you're using a digital marker.

And, in order to ensure full transparency, your customers have the ability to manually discover all reviews by clicking on the TrustGrade logo to view your customer review page. While customers can drill down to see all of your reviews, this page defaults to your most recent 5-Star showcased reviews like the one below.

“I'm a repeat customer. This is a great website to buy from. Shipping is fast and their products are really affordable and the best price I've found anywhere! Plus, the customer service is great.”

Jul 23, 2024 - S. Hansen

Reason 4:
Fight Back! Flag False Reviews In Seconds and Get Alerts!

You can flag a false or misleading review in seconds. With Google and their affiliated platforms, it may take weeks to go through the flagging approval process. With TrustGrade, you decide if the review is false or misleading - not a review team governed by Google's policies and restrictions. So, instead of being stuck with a negative review forever from a customer who might be misinformed, you can fight back by flagging the review immediately and providing your customers with your side of the story.

In other words, TrustGrade allows YOU to fact-check reviews - NOT Google. Potential customers can decide for themselves who to believe - the negative reviewer or you; that's why it's important you thoroughly explain why you disagree with a review. While false reviews will still count against your grade and stars, potential customers will be able to see that your company has flagged the review along with any supporting evidence that you can provide to demonstrate that the negative review doesn't accurately reflect your company's products and services.

You can also stay on top of your reviews 24/7. With our optional text alert system, you can be notified by text whenever a negative (1- or 2-Star) review occurs or when your overall letter grade drops. The faster you respond to a negative review, the faster your potential customers can hear your voice, like provided in the flagged review below.

Fact Checked By You!

Reason 5:
Fight Back, Again!
Turn Negative Reviews Into Positive Reviews in Seconds using our TrustGrade Instant Feedback LoopTM

Don't let a negative review ruin your day! On other customer review platforms, you might be stuck with that negative review forever! But with TrustGrade's fast and easy Instant Feedback Loop you can address the reviewer's concern and ask the customer to amend their review in seconds. Once the reviewer has amended the review with the secure link provided by TrustGrade, the old review and star-rating are disregarded and are replaced with the amended review and star-rating. You are automatically notified of the changes. This could be for better or worse, so make sure you adequately address the concern and attempt to make the customer happy.

Used successfully, customers submitting a negative review become satisfied while you simultaneously keep or improve your star-rating, website grade and score! No more hoping or waiting for weeks for Google or one of their affiliates to assist with a bad review. Nor do you have to ask customers to perform a time-consuming, multi-step, complex Google process to amend a review. Here's an example of how the Instant Feedback Loop works and shows how this business was able to change a 1-Star rating into a 5-Star rating:

Original 1-Star Customer Review:

Business response using the TrustGrade Instant Feedback LoopTM

Thank you for your review and we apologize for the late delivery. We pride ourselves in the fast and timely delivery of our flowers, however, our deliveries were delayed yesterday as both of our drivers called out sick.

This is not typical. We have refunded your credit card the full amount that you paid for the flowers. We hope that you enjoy them free of charge and hope that you'll visit us again!

We noticed that you left a negative review and kindly ask that you might consider amending your review if you are now more pleased with our services using the link below. Thank you for your consideration!

Amended 5-Star Customer Review (with optional highlighting feature):

happy man

Reason 6:
Control Profanity And Inappropriate Comments.
Filter Reviews With Profanity Or Spam!

  • With our optional profanity and spam filters, we will automatically filter any review containing profanity or spam so you can be confident that inappropriate reviews aren't affecting your rating or grade.
  • With these filters, ALL reviews with profanity or spam (whether 1-Star or 5-Star) are REMOVED from your grade, score, and star calculations and are only visible if a customer chooses to view them.
customers swearing

Reason 7:
Verified Customer Reviews Only
Not Fake Reviews from Competitors or Random Haters!

TrustGrade uses a closed loop system in order to limit reviews to your actual customers. How many times have you received a horrible google review, only to suspect that it was left by one of your competitors or someone who has never even purchased your product or service? TrustGrade Reviews are only provided to customers online after a sale is made or, alternatively, when you submit a one-time usage link to someone who you know is your customer. Additionally, you can use QR codes to solicit reviews. In both of these cases, BEFORE the review is posted, you must verify that it is coming from an actual customer. Note, you will not be able to see the review or star rating until after the review is posted, so make sure it is a customer before verifying.

Reason 8:
Fast & Easy Setup
On Your Website!

Displaying Your Website's A+ Grade And Collecting Reviews Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

  • 1. To display your A+ grade and 5-Stars immediately and showcase your best reviews (once you receive them), you'll get a customized widget to install. Just copy and paste a single line of code into your website.
  • 2. To collect reviews, simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your website and you're done!

    Additionally, if you want to get reviews from customers who have already made purchases, you can send them a link to complete a review.
  • 3. To view, showcase, or flag reviews, simply log in to your TrustGrade dashboard. If you have any issues, your TrustGrade account management team is here to help!

Reason 9:
Fair & Simple Grading System

First, each review receives a Grade Value according to its star-rating.

Star Rating Grade Value
Reviews with Profanity or Spam
(optional feature)
not counted

Then, Grade Values of all reviews are averaged to get your Overall Grade.

Average Value Website Grade / Stars
≥ 95.0% A+
≥ 90.0% A
≥ 85.0% B+
≥ 80.0% B
≥ 75.0% C+
≥ 70.0% C
≥ 65.0% D+
> 60.0% D
≤ 60.0% F

Increase Sales TODAY With An A+ Rating And 5 Stars

Essential Package
  • Instant A+ Grade and 5-Stars*
  • Showcase Your Best Reviews
  • Flag False/Misleading Reviews
  • Instant FeedBack Loop (Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Reviews)
  • Verified Customers Only
  • Block Google from Collecting Reviews
$39.95 / month

per website

Plus Package
  • Everything in the Essential Package
  • Automatic Profanity Filter (more info)
  • Automatic Spam Filter (more info)
  • All Reviews with Profanity and Spam are removed from your Grade, Score, and Star Calculations
$79.95 / month

per website

Pro Package
(most popular)
  • Everything in the Plus Package
  • Text Alerts for Bad Reviews (more info)
  • Text Alert for Website Grade Change (more info)
  • Pin Reviews (more info)
  • Highlight Reviews (more info) - Most Popular Feature!
$99.95 / month

per website