About TrustGrade

Existing Customer Review Platforms give all the power to the consumer, leaving business owners with little ability to protect themselves or to tell their side of the story. And while all negative reviews aren't unfounded, business leaders are tired of paying for the sins of a consumer's "bad day" or suffering fake reviews put up by unscrupulous competitors.

Simply put, consumers are only getting one side of the story - the reviewer's side. And the reviewer isn't always telling the truth.

TrustGrade is the first customer review platform that gives business owners a voice by empowering them to have equal footing with consumers - allowing businesses to tell their side of the story. This benefits both the business owner and consumers, who will come to know that a review on TrustGrade is one they can count on to tell the whole story.

TrustGrade is unbiased, fully transparent, and a non-Google affiliated Customer Review Platform that was built out of frustration with severe problems and inefficiencies that exist with Google Reviews, their 25+ affiliate platforms (like TrustPilot, Site Jabber, and Shopper Approved), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

TrustGrade has developed a solution to these problems by providing a platform that provides both Customer Reviews and a Website Grade (based upon those reviews) and addresses the unsolved needs of business owners including but not limited to:

  • Protection against inaccurate or fake reviews
  • The ability to manage and respond to reviews quickly and easily
  • The ability to instantly address negative reviews
    (and even a process to turn negative reviews into positive reviews in minutes)

Welcome to TrustGrade, your Customer Review and Website Grade platform, where consumers hear the whole story.

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